Black Onyx - The Guardian Stone

Being intuitive is a gift, and often times we are not even aware of how we are feeling because we don’t take a moment to reflect.  Having been working with semi-precious stones for many years, we often hear the stories from our customers and also have experiences of our own

Known for it’s Protective qualities it has been said that Black Onyx will keep negative energy at bay, and not allow those wearing it to be affected by negative people or energy surrounding them.  When customers hear this they are excited, and often joke about how they need to wear this at work or at home to keep positive.  And there have been times where we feel the negative vibes from others, and we have experienced this for ourselves.  Wearing the black onyx and keeping an open mind has saved the day many times!

We have developed Stone Cards which are given with our purchases to help remind you of the healing potential of these stones.  Taking the time to notice how you feel when wearing each stone will surely surprise you.  Which one will you choose?  Black onyx the guardian, or some of the many others?


May 25, 2018 by Teresa D.

Da Costa Essential Oil Bracelet Info


Essential Oil Bracelets

With the latest Essential Oil craze, we provide a way to take your oils on the go with our newest Diffuser Bracelets. Made with semiprecious stones, our essential oil bracelets are perfect for taking your oils to class, work, or travel.  Some of our favourite brands are doTERRA and Saje.

Best Method of Application

Add a drop of your favourite oil to your finger, and massage the oil onto 1 or 2 lava stones in your bracelet. You will see that the stone is wet in appearance, and within a minute or so the oil will absorb into the stone. The scent from your oil will last up to 20 hours depending on the oil, and some of our customers say even longer!

How often to Re-Apply

We apply whenever we feel we need a little more which is usually once a day. Mixing Essential Oils There are many different essential oil brands. The purest will completely diffuse from your lava stone, leaving it scent free and allowing you to add a new essential oil to your lava stone. There are many customers however who enjoy blending their own essential oils, and therefore having more than 1 oil on a lava stone is sometimes preferred.

Maintenance of your Bracelet

Our suggested method of applying essential oils to your finger and then rubbing it on the lava stone will ensure your bracelet has a long life span. However, many people do apply the oil directly to the stone. Using this method does mean there will be excess oil on the lava which can run off onto the elastic and affect the integrity of the stringing material. Rest assure that Da Costa’s come with a 1 year FREE re-stringing warranty. If you begin to see fraying in your elastic, simply have a look at our Events page, and bring your bracelet to us! We will repair your bracelet on the spot. If you’re not near any of our locations, you can ship your bracelet to us, we will re-string it, and ship it back to your at no cost to you for 1 year. Over 1 year, and we apply a small fee for the repair.

Contact Us

Remember you can always reach out to us via email, Facebook or Instagram.

December 29, 2017 by Teresa D.
Da Costa is Opening Black Friday @ White Oaks Mall

Da Costa is Opening Black Friday @ White Oaks Mall

With colder temperatures, our Market season is over and we are moving indoors!  The first week of November has been extremely busy for Da Costa, and it only gets more exciting from here.  We have been doing some serious prep work to get ready for the Holiday Shopping season ahead.  Our line-up includes travelling to Ottawa for our first time at the Signatures Canadian Handmade Show. Wohooooo!  Ottawa is one of our favourite cities to visit, and we are happy to be coming back to you with some new handmade designs!   
See you at the Rideau Centre Nov 15-19th.
Our schedule of making jewelry, and renovating the store has been tiring, but we know you will appreciate all the small details when you visit our store. Only 5 days after our return from Ottawa, we are opening our White Oaks Mall store front!  The grand opening is Black Friday, Nov 24th.  We are thrilled to be back at our same White Oaks location as in the past, with a fresh new look just in time for the holiday shopping season.  New semi-precious stones have arrived in our hands, and we are busily making them into the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself.  New 30 inch hand-knotted stone necklaces have been added to the Da Costa line-up, as well as matching essential oil diffuser bracelets, and oh….our Classic Black Insulated Coffee bottles, Polarized Wood Sunglasses and Genuine Leather Wallets are back too!
Da Costa at White Oaks Mall

Da Costa Pop-up Announcement!

Da Costa @ CNE

We have changed our "pop-up line up" a little this Summer, and are so appreciative of your support again this year.  As we grow we will likely continue to try new venues for our pop-ups, and this year we are SUPER excited to announce that this year we will be attending the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto!  The dates are August 18 - September 4, and you can find us in the Queen Elizabeth Building from 10am-10pm.

For those of you who are used to finding us at the Market, we will be returning mid-September, and until then you can treat yourself to our online store which will continue to be in full operation.  Remember shipping is ONLY $5 Canada-wide. 


Da Costa


July 24, 2017 by Teresa D.

2017 Ambassadors & Bloggers

Do you practice mindfulness and love stone mala necklaces? Want to promote and write about our newest mala necklaces to receive healing pieces for free? Contact us to find out more! *limited number of new ambassadors positions available.

Mala Necklace Vancouver Canada Ambassdor Wanted

We're Open at Devonshire Mall for Christmas

We are open now at Devonshire Mall in Windsor.  See our hottest items from our online store in person.   We have all our products here for you to try on, have size adjustments made, and our fashion advisors will help you find the right gift for those hard to buy for people on your Christmas shopping list.
Come in now for a limited time SALE.

Popular items for Fall

What ­­do we have for you? Da Costa makes accessories that fit right into your cottage lifestyle. We belong outdoors with you.  

EasyAiR Lounge Chairs

The EasyAiR lounge chairs are perfect for your cottage and boating adventures. Weighing in at just over 2.5 lbs, you will leave that heavy metal-legged chair behind, and take the EasyAiR everywhere! Leave them in the car, at the cottage, on the boat so you have a comfortable lounger that’s ready to fill in 10 seconds and relax. This portable lounger is unique as it is completely filled with air and requires no pump, and no time to fill. If you haven’t seen our video yet, watch for it! We give you the pointers to be a pro at filling your EasyAiR.

EasyAiR Da Costa Lounge chair

Polarized Wood Sunglasses

Most cottagers love wood and nature so why not improve your vision with our handmade, polarized lens wooden sunglasses? Available in stylish classic frames and fun colourful-mirrored lens styles, we have a pair for everyone. Our UV400 rated sunglasses block out 100% of UVA and UVB light and are also polarized so glare is eliminated from water, snow and car windshields making them perfect for driving to and relaxing at the cottage.

Wood Sunglasses

24 Hour Cold / 12 Hour Hot Insulated Bottles

The perfectly shaped bottle will fit easily into your car, boat and bicycle cup holders, is spill proof allowing you to toss it into your carry bag, and will keep your beverage the temperature you want it for hours on end. The double walled 18/8 grade stainless steel is non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free, keeping your water is safe and helping you do your part to help eliminate plastic water bottles use.

wood grain stainless steel bottle


 Jewelry you can actually Wear

The attention to detail that goes into each piece of our handmade jewelry will be felt as you wear it. Made of natural materials, mainly genuine leather and semi-precious stones, our jewelry is mean to be enjoyed while you’re at the cottage. We have tested the durability of our wrap bracelets in the salt water oceans and Great Lakes of Ontario, and not only have they held up to our play, they keep us stylish while playing.

Grand Bend Jewelry


Wakeboard jewelry accessory


Visit the following pages for more information:

Da Costa Facebook

Da Costa Instagram

The Lounger of the Summer - EasyAiR

EasyAiR Lounge Chair

The EasyAiR is this Summer's favourite outdoor lounger.  Why?   Weighing only 2.5lbs it's perfect to travel with and doesn't require a pump to fill with air.  When you are ready to chill, simply scoop and trap air into it's open ends and roll the material like a dry sac, clip it closed and enjoy your lounger.  

Find us on the beach or order your EasyAiR online!  We have been traveling Ontario #discoverON this summer and bringing our EasyAiR's to you...some beaches we have seen include Hanlon's Point, Ward's Island, Sandbanks Beach, Mooney's Bay, Turkey Point, Pottahawk, Long Point Beach, Southampton, Goderich, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Barrie, Innisfill, Grand Bend, and Port Stanley.

Da Costa 2016 Summer Pop-up Events

We love the summer, and this summer we are returning to some of our favourite Ontario Festivals!  We love making our jewelry, and we love bringing our jewelry to you.   For those of you use to spotting us in the pink tent, but this year you will find us under our new black Da Costa tent.

You can find us in Windsor at the renowned Art in the Park the first weekend of June, and the following weekend we will be travelling to Ottawa for the New Art Festival.   We are also making appearances in Toronto at Trinity Bellwoods Flea and a few other select locations.  July brings us to Kingston, Southampton, Goderich and Barrie.  We are extra excited about Kempenfest this year and being able to bring all our handmade Jewelry + new accessories!  Everything online you will be able to find at this select pop-up including our new and popular Wood Sunglasses with Polarized lenses.  Get ready Barrie!

We hope to cross paths with you this busy Summer so be sure to check out our Summer Events Page to find all our Pop-up locations.