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Essential Oil Bracelets

With the latest Essential Oil craze, we provide a way to take your oils on the go with our newest Diffuser Bracelets. Made with semiprecious stones, our essential oil bracelets are perfect for taking your oils to class, work, or travel.  Some of our favourite brands are doTERRA and Saje.

Best Method of Application

Add a drop of your favourite oil to your finger, and massage the oil onto 1 or 2 lava stones in your bracelet. You will see that the stone is wet in appearance, and within a minute or so the oil will absorb into the stone. The scent from your oil will last up to 20 hours depending on the oil, and some of our customers say even longer!

How often to Re-Apply

We apply whenever we feel we need a little more which is usually once a day. Mixing Essential Oils There are many different essential oil brands. The purest will completely diffuse from your lava stone, leaving it scent free and allowing you to add a new essential oil to your lava stone. There are many customers however who enjoy blending their own essential oils, and therefore having more than 1 oil on a lava stone is sometimes preferred.

Maintenance of your Bracelet

Our suggested method of applying essential oils to your finger and then rubbing it on the lava stone will ensure your bracelet has a long life span. However, many people do apply the oil directly to the stone. Using this method does mean there will be excess oil on the lava which can run off onto the elastic and affect the integrity of the stringing material. Rest assure that Da Costa’s come with a 1 year FREE re-stringing warranty. If you begin to see fraying in your elastic, simply have a look at our Events page, and bring your bracelet to us! We will repair your bracelet on the spot. If you’re not near any of our locations, you can ship your bracelet to us, we will re-string it, and ship it back to your at no cost to you for 1 year. Over 1 year, and we apply a small fee for the repair.

Contact Us

Remember you can always reach out to us via email, Facebook or Instagram.

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