Best Stone for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you have had multiple children, pregnancy can be an emotionally challenging time.  Friends and family may feel as though they should share with you their opinions on how to raise a child, and this may be overwhelming.  

Black onyx stones are very powerful stones that act primarily as protectors. They shield and absorb negative energy and allow you to keep your strength even when surrounded by those who are draining. 

During pregnancy black onyx can give the mother-to-be strength, stamina and an easier childbirth.  Many cultures give women black onyx stones or a bracelet to wear during labour to help relieve pain and promote quick delivery.

After childbirth, this stone is also beneficial to wear once again since it will allow you to focus on what is most important, your baby.  It supports you similarly to during pregnancy by providing you with protection from other’s energy, and also remaining strong and positive with postpartum struggles.


Pregnancy Bracelet


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