Black Onyx - The Guardian Stone

Being intuitive is a gift, and often times we are not even aware of how we are feeling because we don’t take a moment to reflect.  Having been working with semi-precious stones for many years, we often hear the stories from our customers and also have experiences of our own

Known for it’s Protective qualities it has been said that Black Onyx will keep negative energy at bay, and not allow those wearing it to be affected by negative people or energy surrounding them.  When customers hear this they are excited, and often joke about how they need to wear this at work or at home to keep positive.  And there have been times where we feel the negative vibes from others, and we have experienced this for ourselves.  Wearing the black onyx and keeping an open mind has saved the day many times!

We have developed Stone Cards which are given with our purchases to help remind you of the healing potential of these stones.  Taking the time to notice how you feel when wearing each stone will surely surprise you.  Which one will you choose?  Black onyx the guardian, or some of the many others?


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