Battling Anxiety?


In today's fast paced society, anxiety is inevitable.  There are many ways to attempt to handle anxiety; one of our favourites is wearing a Da Costa Calming Bracelets.  Made of special, all natural Howlite stones, sourced directly from Nova Scotia (on the East Coast of Canada) our bracelets have been helping customers for nearly a decade.

The power of the howlite stone is its ability to help one cope with trauma, mourning, PTSD, grief, anxiety and depression.  It slowly helps regenerate emotional energy by heightening your inner strength. Wearing the howlite stones is recommended for those trying to find a sense of calm and make rational decisions.  Da Costa calming bracelets are made for men and women, and these beautiful white stones with grey veining are perfect to wear every day.  

Initially when wearing your bracelet, you may sense a feeling of calm, and then the feeling of “weight” coming off your shoulders, allowing you to feel taller.  With more time and practice of mindfulness, you will sense a change in your energy and ability to cope with stress.


We have several styles of bracelet made of howlite stones...use our search feature in the top left of the website, and enter "howlite" to see all of our designs.  


Looking for additional calming?  Try our Howlite Diffuser bracelet which also allows you to add lavender oil to the black lava stone, so you can also benefit from the aromatherapy of the lavender as well as the power of the howlite stones.


Calming - Anxiety Bracelet


Click here to see our howlite stone products.

Get the Scoop on DA COSTA Sunglasses

Men's Wood Framed Sunglasses

We have a great selection of Luxury Wooden Framed Sunglasses.  Choose from our two favourites:

Full Wood Black Walnut AUSSIE Frames - click here 

This Wooden Frame is for the man who wants to show his style.  Made from Black Walnut wood and stained just enough to create a distinctive look these sunglasses boast double hinged arms which allow them to fit the width of your face with great comfort.  This wooden design is also ultra lightweight making them instantly more comfortable than frames made of any other material. From the Beach, to the Park these polarized lenses will keep you seeing clearly as they reflect all glare from surfaces giving you an advantage over any other sunglasses.  See the AUSSIE frame and our other styles here.

Wood Sunglasses



Bamboo Silver Mirrored Frames - click here

This wayfarer style frame is a classic style, extremely lightweight and it's clear frame is highly desirable.  We have paired it up with some slick mirrored lenses, to keep what you're looking at a secret, and added Bamboo arms.  This is one of our most comfortable pair that looks great on any face.  All of our Da Costa sunglasses have polarized lenses because we want you to see as clearly as possible while looking great.  See the Wayfarer frame and our other styles here.

Wooden Mirror Sunglasses

Da Costa Pop-up Announcement!

Da Costa @ CNE

We have changed our "pop-up line up" a little this Summer, and are so appreciative of your support again this year.  As we grow we will likely continue to try new venues for our pop-ups, and this year we are SUPER excited to announce that this year we will be attending the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto!  The dates are August 18 - September 4, and you can find us in the Queen Elizabeth Building from 10am-10pm.

For those of you who are used to finding us at the Market, we will be returning mid-September, and until then you can treat yourself to our online store which will continue to be in full operation.  Remember shipping is ONLY $5 Canada-wide. 


Da Costa


July 24, 2017 — Teresa D.