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Men's Wood Framed Sunglasses

We have a great selection of Luxury Wooden Framed Sunglasses.  Choose from our two favourites:

Full Wood Black Walnut AUSSIE Frames - click here 

This Wooden Frame is for the man who wants to show his style.  Made from Black Walnut wood and stained just enough to create a distinctive look these sunglasses boast double hinged arms which allow them to fit the width of your face with great comfort.  This wooden design is also ultra lightweight making them instantly more comfortable than frames made of any other material. From the Beach, to the Park these polarized lenses will keep you seeing clearly as they reflect all glare from surfaces giving you an advantage over any other sunglasses.  See the AUSSIE frame and our other styles here.

Wood Sunglasses



Bamboo Silver Mirrored Frames - click here

This wayfarer style frame is a classic style, extremely lightweight and it's clear frame is highly desirable.  We have paired it up with some slick mirrored lenses, to keep what you're looking at a secret, and added Bamboo arms.  This is one of our most comfortable pair that looks great on any face.  All of our Da Costa sunglasses have polarized lenses because we want you to see as clearly as possible while looking great.  See the Wayfarer frame and our other styles here.

Wooden Mirror Sunglasses

2017 Ambassadors & Bloggers

Do you practice mindfulness and love stone mala necklaces? Want to promote and write about our newest mala necklaces to receive healing pieces for free? Contact us to find out more! *limited number of new ambassadors positions available.

Mala Necklace Vancouver Canada Ambassdor Wanted

March 28, 2017 — Teresa D.

How to Fill the EasyAiR Lounger

Popular items for Fall

What ­­do we have for you? Da Costa makes accessories that fit right into your cottage lifestyle. We belong outdoors with you.  

EasyAiR Lounge Chairs

The EasyAiR lounge chairs are perfect for your cottage and boating adventures. Weighing in at just over 2.5 lbs, you will leave that heavy metal-legged chair behind, and take the EasyAiR everywhere! Leave them in the car, at the cottage, on the boat so you have a comfortable lounger that’s ready to fill in 10 seconds and relax. This portable lounger is unique as it is completely filled with air and requires no pump, and no time to fill. If you haven’t seen our video yet, watch for it! We give you the pointers to be a pro at filling your EasyAiR.

EasyAiR Da Costa Lounge chair

Polarized Wood Sunglasses

Most cottagers love wood and nature so why not improve your vision with our handmade, polarized lens wooden sunglasses? Available in stylish classic frames and fun colourful-mirrored lens styles, we have a pair for everyone. Our UV400 rated sunglasses block out 100% of UVA and UVB light and are also polarized so glare is eliminated from water, snow and car windshields making them perfect for driving to and relaxing at the cottage.

Wood Sunglasses

24 Hour Cold / 12 Hour Hot Insulated Bottles

The perfectly shaped bottle will fit easily into your car, boat and bicycle cup holders, is spill proof allowing you to toss it into your carry bag, and will keep your beverage the temperature you want it for hours on end. The double walled 18/8 grade stainless steel is non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free, keeping your water is safe and helping you do your part to help eliminate plastic water bottles use.

wood grain stainless steel bottle


 Jewelry you can actually Wear

The attention to detail that goes into each piece of our handmade jewelry will be felt as you wear it. Made of natural materials, mainly genuine leather and semi-precious stones, our jewelry is mean to be enjoyed while you’re at the cottage. We have tested the durability of our wrap bracelets in the salt water oceans and Great Lakes of Ontario, and not only have they held up to our play, they keep us stylish while playing.

Grand Bend Jewelry


Wakeboard jewelry accessory


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Da Costa Facebook

Da Costa Instagram

The Lounger of the Summer - EasyAiR

EasyAiR Lounge Chair

The EasyAiR is this Summer's favourite outdoor lounger.  Why?   Weighing only 2.5lbs it's perfect to travel with and doesn't require a pump to fill with air.  When you are ready to chill, simply scoop and trap air into it's open ends and roll the material like a dry sac, clip it closed and enjoy your lounger.  

Find us on the beach or order your EasyAiR online!  We have been traveling Ontario #discoverON this summer and bringing our EasyAiR's to you...some beaches we have seen include Hanlon's Point, Ward's Island, Sandbanks Beach, Mooney's Bay, Turkey Point, Pottahawk, Long Point Beach, Southampton, Goderich, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Barrie, Innisfill, Grand Bend, and Port Stanley.

Game Day Style

Toronto Blue Jays Game Day Style

The warmer temperatures have arrived and we have you covered with a classic look to wear to your next Toronto Blue Jays game.  With sunny Gamedays ahead, it's important to keep cool while cheering on your Blue Jays.  This Classic White Men's Crew Neck T-shirt from Belstaff will reflect those rays and let your body breathe in the heat.  Keep the sun off your face, and out of your eyes with this Classic Blue Jays Cap, and Da Costa's Polarized Wood Sunglasses.  The cap is available at Lids, and the sunglasses are available at Da Costa. The polarized lenses on these shades allow you to see all the action on the field crisply and cleanly, with a level of detail that will astound you.  We have added some stones to the mix since this Summer Stone bracelets are trending HUGE in Men's Jewelry.  Our choice is the Vintage Style Da Costa Stone Bracelet is made of Lava and Brown Agate stones.  Adding some classic leather to your style we have chosen the ultra comfortable and stylish Men's Moloa Slip-On Shoes, and Da Costa's Genuine Leather Wallet to carry your cash to buy you hot dog and cold beer.  

Enjoy the season, and Go Jays!

Grey Cargo Pants - Apt 9 - $32

Blue Jays Ball Cap - Lids - $42.99

White T-shirt - Belstaff - $95

Wood Sunglasses - Da Costa - $79

Stone Bracelet - Da Costa - $59

Olukai Shoe - Olukai - $120

Leather Wallet - Da Costa - $49

New Wooden Sunglasses Coming Soon to Da Costa

Da Costa adds Luxury Polarized Wood Sunglasses to the lineup.  Adding our Canadian Designed sunglasses extends our brand past the Handmade Jewelry for Active women we started in 2012 into a Lifestyle and Accessories Brand for Men and Women.

Wood polarized sunglasses canada red mirror Stylish Wooden Sunglasses for Summer 2016 Mirror Polarized Lenses Available in Canada 

Wood polarized sunglasses Canada red mirror Stylish Wooden Sunglasses for Summer 2016 Mirror Polarized Lenses Available in Canada.  Our Sunglasses are handmade from select wood and finished with colourful mirrored and smokey lenses to fit your summer look. The polarized lenses increase visual comfort by removing glare in bright conditions, and for those of you who like to enjoy summer!

How They Work
Polarized lenses block light rays that would normally enter your eyes after reflecting off of surfaces. The light that enters your eye after passing through a polarized lens has been filtered, allowing the wearer to see in a different way.

Health Benefits
1. Reduce Glare, Improve Safety
On a sunny day, you may notice that objects in the distance appear hazy, or nearby vehicles are reflecting light in a way that is nearly blinding. A polarized lens removes the effects of glare by blocking reflections. This improves eye comfort and allows you to take in the view without squinting. Roadways and water sources are major culprits of glare, and can cause danger to drivers who may already struggle with vision issues. Glare can create a very uncomfortable eye health issue for people with sensitive eyes, and even cause a migraine in patients who are prone to developing them.

2. Water Sports
You may notice that outdoor enthusiasts such as fishermen and boaters love polarized sunglasses. The special material makes it easier to see into the water. Without polarized lenses, the water’s surface simply reflects everything around it. This obscures view into the water almost completely. Polarized lenses block this reflection and enable the wearer to see the contents of the water instead of the sky.

3. Reduce Eyestrain
Another nasty side effective of glare, eyestrain can be relieved with polarized lens wear. Squinting to see clear images stresses the eyes and creates uncomfortable eye health issues like redness, irritation, fatigue, and headaches. Polarized lenses neutralize this issue and allow eyes to feel more comfortable and well rested.

4. Better Vision
Wearing polarized lenses can reveal colors and images like never before. You will see crisply and cleanly, with a level of detail that may astound you.

There are a few circumstances where polarized lenses are not appropriate, such as night driving, flying an airplane, downhill skiing, and viewing LCD screens. The majority of the population will find polarized lenses immensely helpful in improving the clarity and quality of their daytime vision. *

*How they work excerpt from

London Business Magazine

Da Costa Store in White Oaks Mall London Ontario

We were thrilled to be a part of the January 2016 issue of London Business Magazine.   Check out the article here! Pages 14 & 15.