Da Costa Summer Style

Da Costa Jewelry’s new Summer Dream Collection allows for endless fashion opportunities. Each bracelet comes with a special meaning and can enhance a summer ensemble. Even stack them together and create a new, fresh look. Here are some summer styles for YOU to try out.
This ensemble is the complete boho chic look! The long, flowing skirt and flowers in your hair will leave feeling comfortable and stylish. The Howlite Da Costa Jewelry bracelet will help you find peace by letting go of any anxieties or stress. The impeccably white stone will match with any outfit and helps to open the wearer up to new experiences. By wearing neutral bronzer and lip gloss, your natural beauty will shine through. This is the essential summer time attire.

The colour coral highlights the lush and tropical colours of summer. This outfit will keep you cool in the heat with a crop top and sandals. This Coral and Rose stone Da Costa bracelet represents hope and passion. It specifically activates your heart chakra to help you find love and balance. With both pinks working together, the bracelet will brighten up any outfit. Match it with the beige nail polish and a coral lipstick and your outfit will be sure to pop!  
Make a splash with this simple, but attention grabbing outfit. By using a white dress, your outfit becomes a canvas to let your accessories burst with colour. Pair the Purple Jade Da Costa Jewelry Wrap Bracelet with a jade colour of nail polish and your hands will garner compliments.
The Purple Jade keeps the wearer’s energy in balance.  It can help you recharge and find peace of mind. Match the genuine brown leather with sunglasses and sandals, and this outfit is ready for a day out in the sun.These are only a few of many possibilities for matching your Da Costa Jewelry to an outfit of your choice. Mix and match bracelets to find your Summer Style. If you need some suggestions, see dacostajewelry on Polyvore.

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